Revive Organic Facial

$109 / 60Mins

This treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, steamer&extraction, customized mask, end with décolleté massage,  which helps to relax  facial muscles, slow the onset of wrinkles on the face. Puffiness reduction, sagging in the face and skin cell renewal are additional benefits from these massage techniques.



From this treatment, you have choices of

  1. Hydrating Facial 
  2. Acne Facial  
  3. Brightening Facial 
  4. Anti-Aging Facial 
  5. Calm Skin Facial  

Deep Hydrating Coconut Herbal Facial


$139 / 70 – 75Mins

All-inclusive solution from Organic ingredients  that can help rejuvenate your features, and turn back time to restore your youthful appearance. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, redefine your neck and jaw line, and tighten your loose skins.

Cleanse & Exfoliation, Steamer, Peel, Extractions, Penetration, Facial Lift Massage, Herbal Treatment, Neck&Head Massage and More..

Revive Organic Intense Facial

  $149 / 75Mins

This treatment includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, with hot paprika mask to stimulate, follow by a deep hydrating hyaluronic with Ultrasound infusion, finishing with a customized mask end with relaxing décolleté  massage.